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Key Differences Between Facebook Boosted Posts and Facebook Ads

Dec 1, 2023 9:46:44 AM / by Dovr Media

Facebook Boosted Posts

If you have considered exploring Social Media campaigns to reach new and existing customers on Facebook or Instagram, you probably have been debating between using Facebook boosted posts or Facebook sponsored Ads. Although the posts themselves look nearly identical, these two social advertising options have some key differences in process, business objective and performance results.

Boosted posts are ideal for furniture retailers who want to quickly and easily gain more visibility for their brand and engage their Facebook page followers. With just a few clicks, you can boost any of your existing posts. When you decide to boost a post, Facebook will automatically optimize the audience that views it based on the type of people who already like your page. This not only saves time but also ensures that your message reaches the right people. In addition, boosted posts are generally less expensive than other ad formats and require no long-term commitments – meaning you can start, stop, and adjust campaigns. You can boost facebook posts effectively for a budget as little as $5.00/day.

Facebook Sponsored Ads

In comparison, sponsored ads offer a more robust and targeted approach to reaching people on Facebook. Instead of boosting existing posts, sponsored ads require the creation of new content and allow you to target people based on a wide range of criteria, such as their age, interests, location or even behaviors. It also offers more precise tracking and reporting capabilities so that you can monitor campaign performance over time.

Objectives might include driving traffic to your website, increasing online conversions or door swings. And unlike boosting posts, you have complete control over the audience that sees your ad by selecting from more than 1,000 different targeting options. By leveraging powerful targeting features such as Lookalike Audiences, Dynamic Ads or Interest Targeting, you can easily identify those most likely to be interested in your products and services – allowing you to maximize return on investment. You can also tailor the message of each sponsored ad to fit its objective and customize it with unique offers and visuals – giving you unparalleled flexibility in reaching potential customers.

For furniture retailers looking to stand out from the competition, investing in Facebook sponsored ads can be a great move. Many furniture retailers have seen tremendous success by creating clever and engaging campaigns that feature eye-catching visuals, engaging copy, and innovative targeting techniques. Not only can sponsored ads draw potential customers’ attention, but they can also help build relationships and loyalty with existing website visitors and buyers. The budget to run a sponsored ad campaign depends on many factors including campaign objective, competition, target audience size with beginning budgets starting at a minimum of $30/day.


Facebook boosted posts and sponsored ads are both effective tools for reaching potential customers online. Each has its own unique advantages and should be used in different ways depending on the goals of your furniture retail business. Boosted posts are great for quickly boosting visibility of existing content, while sponsored ads offer greater targeting capabilities and a more definitive conversion ROI. With a better understanding of how each can help you reach your marketing objectives, you’ll be able to use these powerful digital marketing tools to their fullest potential.


Dovr Media

Written by Dovr Media

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