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Read More About What Our Clients Have To Say About Us

What Is So Great About DOVR Media? 

Hear from our clients about what they have to say about working with us!

What Sales Reps Are Saying

Website is simple, effective and informative. Their customer service and rapidness

They helped our customers by offering them affordable and easy solutions to their digital marketing needs. Their customer service stands out above the rest as well as their accessibility and speed to respond to requests/problems. DoVR offers affordable, value oriented digital marketing products and compliments these products with accessible, rapid response customer service.

DovR & Jake have helped drive our business with every retailer we use them. Thank you all!! Strong relationships & trust at the top of DovR. Our relationship with DovR is amazing! I love Jake’s confidence and integrity!

Better websites, Faster making relevant updates/improvements, Ease of communication

Walker Furniture has been enhanced, can get more interest as supply chain improves, timely, friendly and trustworthy!

They helped my customer business by providing a clean, well organized website, marketing and customer service. Their customer service and responsiveness of staff is great!

Dovr has educated our dealers and their performance in digital marketing can be summed up this way: they do what they say they can do! Results are all that matter! They are in direct contact with the dealer to inform them of website performance. They don't get a run-around of several different people communicating with them. My relationship with Jake and Rich is based on trust and confidence in their work.

What Retailers Are Saying

They have shown our dealers the importance of digital advertising and social media outreach to possible consumers. They are result driven.. They want the best for their customers and want to show them what the results will be & they are easy to contact!

It has been a lot easier to be able to purchase in stock items, not having to refund people all the time and can just wait to confirm people want to wait for product before capturing the payment has been a huge plus! Being able to capture payments and make our own custom invoices to send to people has never been easier thanks to them! Their service is simple and easy to use. Any of our employees here could easily find where the orders are. Ryan has been a huge help with us and quicker to respond then any other websites we've worked with in the past!

Website is simple, effective and informative. Their customer service and rapidness & their attentiveness.

My website looks nice! It is nice working with DOVR. They are always there to answer any of my concerns and questions.

Their Shopify Plus Design of the website is great! They are very friendly and knowledgeable!

Dovr has done so much to help my customers , I don’t know where to start. Introduced me to so many new things in the furntiure space that allowed me to make much more money. Jake and his team ALWAYS making sure that everything on my end was taken care of. There is always a consistent feeling of knowing they are reliable!

Kept our pricing on our website in competitive mode! They can be personable and try to find a solution for your business. Overall, they want the best for your business and try to implement new ideas and ways to increase foot traffic on your site.

Having them update the website every month, keeps fresh merchandise on the site. The customer service team that Jake has in place is on top of their game and always ready to help with any of my needs! Jake and his team have been wonderful, Working with them from the beginning to now having one of the best sites in the furniture industry!

Their customer service is awesome! My favorite part about them is their people and being able to talk quickly with someone who matters.

They always respond quick and their customer support is really good!

They increased sales and traffic through their websites and social media. I like their responsiveness to the dealers. Rich and Jake - great guys who get our business and industry!

Great customer support and they respond quick!

You have helped us establish our client's business online with better e-commerce management. The vendor integrations and updates. Dovr finds solutions quickly to help us achieve our goals.

DoVr has allowed me to offer an ecommerce solution for my customer. DoVr has great people. They truly care about my success and go the extra mile to fulfill my requests. I like having the ability to schedule a video call with my rep. It allows me the ability to convey my needs in a short period of time.

Dovr has created our company website and designs our posts on our facebook ads along with retargeting interested customers on facebook. This form of advertising has created interest with new customers visiting our store and becoming our friends on facebook. The employees at Dovr are available to assist and answer any questions at all times. They are a pleasure to work with. Dovr responds to our needs immediately when issues come up and need attention. Working with Ryan, is amazing. He is outstanding and knowledgable and extremely helpful. Actually, all the team at Dovr I work with are great!!!

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