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If you're looking to take your furniture retail game to the next level, look no further than Dovrsign!

From Ashley Furniture to other brands, this amazing kiosk sales tool collects all the latest data on furniture products and shares them across multiple mobile devices in one convenient spot. 


Our Goal

Our goal is to provide consumers with the most convenient shopping experience possible, a fast, simple and effective way for consumers to browse and purchase the latest furniture, home decor and accessories.

Your All In One Kiosk Sales Application

Dovrsign is a furniture sales application tool that streamlines the latest products from the top brands like Ashley Furniture to your furniture store.

The application offers detailed product descriptions, images and more to help customers make informed decisions when buying furniture.  

With an easy to use search and filter system, it's quick and simple to find the perfect piece of furniture that suits any style or budget.  Customers can pay quickly with various payment methods connected with their E-Commerce Store through Dovrsign.  


Your Catalog - Available at Your Fingertips

With a mobile app and on-site kiosk, your salespeople will be able to present their customers with the most up-to-date product offerings, while keeping them informed every step of the way. 


Take DOVRSign With You

Take Dovrsign with you thanks to its multi-platform accessibility with Android, iOS and compatible kiosk devices.

Your sales team will have the power of accessing thousands of the latest products from the palm of their hands wherever they go!


Here’s All The Good Stuff

Latest Data Updates

Our in-house automation system publishes the most recent up-to-date data from the manufacturers into the application 24/7 so you’ll never have to play catch up with the latest changes for price and availability.


Choose which manufacturers you’d like to add to Dovrsign with your own pricing and gain access to millions of products to sell in-store. Carry this data with you wherever you go at any time.

Wishlist Integration

Track which products your customers are interested in everytime they come in and share to boost retargeting numbers and upsells. View their interested items and share this data within your salesmen to boost more sales.

POS Checkout

Checkout orders through Dovrsign with a number of payment methods including Apple Pay, Shop Pay, and other Credit Card methods.


Learn how Dovrsign can solve many of your problems you experience every day in your store - or prevent them!

Quick and Ease Access To Your Catalog

Situation: Your customers are looking for the latest furniture designs, but your sales team has no way to view these products on the spot.

Resolve: Dovrsign will give you access to the latest products from over 100 furniture brands, including Ashley Furniture, Coaster, ACME and more - right at your fingertips with our mobile app and on-site kiosk, 


Data Accuracy & Consistency

Situation: Your current kiosk tool has outdated pricing and missing SKU's compared to your E-Commerce website causing you pricing discrepancies and loss of potential sales without those new SKU's from the manufacturer!

At Dovr Media, our brand data is stays updated a lot quicker than most providers on the market but your kiosk sales tool gets its data from another source.

Resolve: Dovrsign offers the newest furniture from top brands, so you can always be ahead of the curve. We make it easy for you to get new products in your store's devices without any hassle.

If you have a website with us already, your markup pricing will also match with the same on your website. Dovrsign makes sure to never forget to pull the latest updates on its data to make sure you stay ahead in the game!


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  • Dovrsign Video Demo: Link.
  • List of Compatible Kiosk Devices: Link.
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