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API, Sounds Cool What Is It?

They are messengers that take requests & goes to the system telling it what to do and then returns with the response.
For example, if your website is a restaurant, the API is the waiter.

What Goes Into An Excellent API?


Having a highly customizable API is extremely important for your website. The main purpose of an API is to improve your website and ultimately your products. So it's vital that the APIs you use are customizable on the fly instead of having to wait for the next software update. Sticking with the restaurant analogy, its like having a waiter who can change your order in case it has something you don't like.



By integrating APIs, you can better focus on evolving your company. leave the hard work to companies that were built to focus on them.


If a problem arises with an API, we have dedicated teams who are immediately on the case to fix the problem before it snowballs, so you don’t have to worry about it. This maximizes the API’s functionality “uptime”, which is integral so your business can run smoothly.



Bottom line is, Imagine going into a restaurant and the waiters are fast, courteous, and can alter your order to your exact specifications. Now contrast that with a restaurant that has no waiters, and you have to take the order up yourself, which one would you rather go to.

Well if you're like me you'd choose the restaurant with the waiters. Having excellent APIs is what'll let you work smarter, not harder.

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