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Harness The Full Power Of Our Software.

We do the setup and compliance to make your job easy.

Let The Robots Do The Work While You Relax

We have robots manage your inventory

They use data to enhance the consumer experience

They handle your social media so you can kick back and relax.

Proactive Notifications To Nip Any Potential Problems In The Bud

Get Notifications Before A Problem Arises So That We Can Solve It Before It Snowballs Into A Larger Issue.


Ad Optimization

We Create Ads That Are Perfectly Catered To People Who Are More Likely To Click On It, Drastically Increasing Your Conversion Rate.

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We're The Opposite Of The Person In Charge Of Fixing Californias Roads, We'll Fix Any Holes In Your Marketing.

Our Algorithms Spot Areas In Your Marketing Funnel Where Consumers Fall Off And We Strengthen Them To Increase Your Conversion Funnel.


No Reason You Should Be Throwing Your Money Down The Drain.

There Are Three Things That You Should Do If You Don't Want To Throw Away Your Ad Money 

  1. Know Your Platform

    Have the content suit the platform (look at the content that's popular on each platform and have yours fit that, both in tone and in visuals)

  2. Humor The Consumer

    They have the power nowadays, telling them about your generic sale isn't going to cut it. use humor, play on words, things that'll get the them talking about you to their friends. Be memorable, play the long game.

  3. Think Different

    Create ads that stand out, ones that’ll make them think “wow that was pretty cool", think of your ads as pieces of art. the best ads all have one thing in common. They don't feel like ads, most of the time they don't even realize its an ad till the very end.

Find The Perfect Plan For You & Your Business

Get Your Free Adversting Audit

Our DoVR Media's Advertising Team set goals to help support businesses with the right deliverables, plan, and budget. By submitting a free advertising audit to us, we can get started immediately with preparing a strategic plan to bring more success to your business.